Photo courtesy of Anthony Chochran Design

Photo courtesy of Anthony Chochran Design


At MH Fine Art Framing we believe that good framing is about problem solving. With that in mind, we use our knowledge and expertise to create a frame design that best suits the image and is in balance with the needs of our clients and their décor. However, good framing goes beyond good design.

Photographs, works on paper and paintings on canvas all have individual requirements. As an example, some images require UV glass as opposed to regular glass or PH neutral materials to preserve the current state of the art. These requirements will be explained and explored and ultimately applied to the work of art with the input of both our staff and the client.

From works on paper, canvas paintings, photographs and documents to sentimental items or fleeting decorative whims, MH Fine Art Framing wants to find the best balance between function and design.


We are artists. We take our knowledge as artists and combine it with the experiences we have accumulated with galleries, publishers, designers and collectors and apply it to the works that come through MH Fine Art Framing. Because of this, we consider ourselves “caretakers” of art.

We are designers. We apply our graphic design and advertising backgrounds for framing design, ensuring that the frame design will still allow you to focus on what you care most about. Your art.


Founder Nick Rosal with an original Rauschenburg

Founder Nick Rosal with an original Rauschenburg


Nick Rosal, the Director of Production for MH Fine Art Framing, has been involved in the arts in one form or another for almost thirty years. As an artist, his work has been exhibited in the tri-state area and sold to collectors on the East and West Coasts. His works are in the corporate collections of Waldorf Astoria, Calvin Klein and Citizen Watch. He has curated group and solo shows for groups such as PWP, Artgroup and Dragonfly Studios as well as for the MH Gallery.

Commercially, Nick started in the Graphic Design and Advertising fields. He then spent many years in the corporate art world as the direction of production for an art publisher in NYC. His experience also includes work in theatre as a scenic painter and as a teacher of fine art painting.

Nick transitioned to a small business owner in 2005, in a move that allowed him to integrate his commercial and fine art experiences. His return to the framing industry was born out of a need to see NYC art "behind the scenes" and a desire to work with his hands again.

Co-owner Heidi Loder-Rosal

Co-owner Heidi Loder-Rosal


Heidi Loder-Rosal, co-owner of MH Fine Art Framing, has over 20 years of experience in customer service and business management.  Originally she worked in the photo industry while pursuing a degree in Art & Design. During this time she became interested in the business and customer service aspect of the traditional photo industry.  This led to successful management roles at Metromedia Restaurant Group, where she honed her business skills.

Launching MH Fine Art has allowed Heidi to return to her original passion for art and photography and continue her entrepreneurial business aspirations.